SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Having good optimization on your website is a key feature. What this means is that each of you web pages, product page, and service page should have specific keywords about them that will attract the attention of search engines such as Google. So if someone were to search “cool baseball hat”, your website should be focused around that phrase and specific key words. This way your cool baseball hats can be found and be sold! It is not about just mentioning the key phrases on your page. Search Engine Optimization is about proper key word placement, paragraph and page construction, and web page readability.

Search Engine Optimization on your website will get you natural and organic results. Web crawlers go through each and every website. What they look for is key words. Then these crawlers then will rank the website according to the key word.

Your future clients will then be able to find your website organically by searching those keywords you put focus on in your website.

Optimization on your website is not a front end only job. There are techniques that the web designer must apply in the back end of you website. These include some things such as proper URL structures, link attributes, and meta data in your content.

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