How a website is better than a Facebook page

For many organizations, small or big business, a website and a Facebook page have specific tasks, and both are important in building your brand online. Consider your specific goals carefully to determine if your site or Facebook is better to reach your audience.

Full Ownership /Lack of Control

Website: You own your website, domain, and hosting account thus giving you complete control over your entire media brand.
Facebook: You’re not the full owner, Facebook owns the page and have the total control, it can be deleted or terminate anytime, you are coping with third party site.
You must comply with the provider’s conditions of service, which are continually revised or risk your account delete.

Design Alterations

Website: Design your site to match your media outlet’s branding goals and colors. Make changes anytime and at your discretion.
Facebook: You can add your logo and make minor modifications in how your information appears, but you’re still at the mercy of Facebook’s design. Not much branding because you are operating on someone else’s platform. When changes are carried out, you usually only find out after the new design shows up on your Facebook.

Spreading Information

Website: Your website can be difficult one to share instantly with your friends and family.
Facebook: You’re helping spread your information directly. Your audience is spending their time connecting with friends and family. Your updates appear into their timelines the second you post it, placing your news right facing hundreds of eyes instantly.

Revenue Generation

Website: You can sell ad space and sponsorship on your site to generate income. You put your rates and manage ad investment; all the revenue generated belongs to you.
Facebook: You won’t be able to sell ad space on your Facebook page.

Statistics and Performance

Website: Your website’s statistical data are your secret; you are the only one to have access to it. Nobody to show your audience how many page views hits or unique visitors you have coming to your site monthly.
Facebook: Everybody can see how many fans you have or don’t have. As you make an effort to boost your brand using Facebook, you may notice your opponents have hundreds of fans while you only have a few hundred or so.


Website: Holding a competition your site can drive a lot of audience or people to your site. You can sell sponsors, post rules, call for daily entries and screen your website analytics to see just how effective each contest runs on your site.
Facebook: Holding a competition solely on your Facebook page can drive your following and generate news otherwise you contest link is passed around to other Facebook user. You are limited to Facebook’s advertising guidelines, if you post too much link, you might get the barn, or the post reach might be reduced by according to Facebook Policy for link posting.

In conclusion, it is a must to have your own personal business website to portray your brand and business. Having a Facebook page in addition to the website is a great way to be more social and personable with your clients.